Exploring the Human Form

Exploring the Human Form

Shop a collection of prints celebrating humanity

Each artwork below showcases the exquisite beauty of the human form. Through their diverse expressions, these artworks go beyond mere aesthetic appreciation and offer a profound exploration of what it means to be human.

Explore the intricate beauty and complexity of the human form through a captivating array of prints! Shop our collection featuring works by Emma Kohlmann, Laura Berger, Darryl Westly, Allison Zuckerman and more!


Emma Kohlmann
Being and Being Held, 2023


A double entendre—a mirrored self, two figures embrace one another in rich red and green jewel tones. “Being” takes on name and action, serving as a reminder for what both the self and others can provide. In her characteristically lush and naturalist style, these enigmatic portraits portray an intimately earnest encounter between both the figures and the viewer.

Laura Berger
Meeting, 2023


Meeting is a serene composition of three figures, ensconced in one anothers physical and emotional worlds—crossing auras and time under the light of the moon. Using transparent washes, each of the figures melt into and emerge from one another, connected through touch and abstracting disconnection between the self and others. A waking spirit rises from the bodies at rest, opening to a land of dreams.

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons
Testigo, 2023


Testigo—a self-portrait—traces a visual and conceptual lineage to Untitled (The Right Protection), a Polaroid photograph that the artist created in 1999. In this new iteration, numerous eyes appear on Campos-Pons’ back, referencing the eyespots of butterfly wings as well as the evil eye motif that dates back to ancient times. Tears drip from these eyes, as though to mourn the dark narratives that have plighted the Afro-Cuban community since the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Darryl Westly
Odalisque, 2023


Taking inspiration from Ingres’ La Grande Odalisque (1814), the illusory nature of the subject is flipped, with her gaze peering straight out of the canvas, the woman becomes the voyeur and the viewer encroaches as one sorts through the forms and textures abstracted by the vibrant, teals, cyans and rich blues—a contemplative drama on image production and self-concept.

Joel Gaitan
Besos de Sueño, 2023


Nicoya, Pobre Diabla, and Besos de Sueño feature close-up views of vessels, each imbued with a distinct personality. For these works, Gaitan began by hand-building the terracotta forms, onto which gold elements were emblazoned to draw emphasis towards certain adornments and body parts.

Alyssa Klauer
February Morning II (Valentine), 2023


February Morning II (Valentine) integrates forms drawn from papercut Valentine’s Day cards from the Victorian era. Klauer’s rendition is populated by the profiles and phantom-like facial features of various figures, arranged in a nearly symmetrical configuration. The artist imaginatively suspends her characters in a state of anticipation, as they await a note from their admirer on a green, spring-like Valentine’s Day morning.

Allison Zuckerman
Sunshine Delight, 2022


Inspired by the 1950’s American pin-up girl, Sunshine Delight is a shining, hybridized portrait exploring female muses and the male gaze. Her figure’s blonde hair is punctuated by yellow and orange braids, and her body a pastiche of idealized gesture and detail, abstracted by pixels, crawling critters and forest animals that obscures the verdant, marbled starburst bursting through the environment.


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