ART FOR CHANGE connects socially conscious art collectors with in-demand contemporary artists and their work. A platform for discovery, ART FOR CHANGE offers a curated selection of museum-quality prints and original works at approachable price points.  By leveraging our deep relationships with artists, galleries, and collectors, we affect positive change in the world by donating a portion of every purchase to relevant non-profits. As with all of ART FOR CHANGE’s initiatives, artists receive 50% of the net proceeds of each sale under the belief that direct investment in artists is vital to a thriving cultural ecosystem. ART FOR CHANGE is committed to making the art collecting process more accessible through selling quality prints and artworks at manageable prices, and by providing art advisory services and best-in-class insights and education to new and seasoned collectors alike.


ART FOR CHANGE builds relationships with artists over the course of many years. Through our artist relationships, we have access to works in progress as well as a deep understanding of the artists’ entire body of work. We are active in the contemporary art world, visiting artist’s studios as well as attending exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world. We carefully select our artist partners for each project ensuring our customers the best in contemporary art. When creating limited edition prints, ART FOR CHANGE works closely with each artist to create new and exclusive limited editions and commissions.


Our museum-quality prints allow art collectors to purchase high-quality artworks at manageable price points. ART FOR CHANGE prints are limited edition artworks that are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Through this process the artist inspects each print’s quality ensuring it is fit to live within an esteemed art collection. In certain cases, ART FOR CHANGE will work with artists to offer unique, one-of-a-kind limited edition prints that are hand-embellished by the artist. Whether your acquisition is a signed and numbered limited edition print or a unique hand-embellished print, each is a collectible work of art.


ART FOR CHANGE is a destination for the art collector who wants to affect change and support artists. We cater to new and seasoned collectors alike, offering the chance to acquire museum-quality prints at an affordable price point or original paintings from emerging artists that are on the rise in their careers. The seasoned art collector can continue to support artists they have followed for years or discover a new contemporary artist through ART FOR CHANGE’s carefully selected roster of artists. The budding art collector can feel confident buying art for the first time.


ART FOR CHANGE provides art advisory services for new as well as seasoned art collectors. We aim to educate our clients and make the art buying process less intimidating. If you need assistance starting off as a new collector or enhancing your existing collection, our advisory staff can meet your personal needs. In addition, we offer custom art consulting services for boutique hotels or can assist with planning exhibitions for corporations. Through it all you can be certain that we are curating collections with a socially conscious team, and aligning ourselves with artists who share a similar mindset. Please reach out, we are here for you!




Founder and Chief Curator
Jeanne Masel founded ART FOR CHANGE in 2018 as a way to merge her lifelong love for the arts and her commitment to philanthropic initiatives. Jeanne has been collecting art for over a decade and has built meaningful relationships with a roster of emerging and established artists. As a specialist in contemporary art who is also active in philanthropy, she developed ART FOR CHANGE as a way to offer fine art to socially conscious art collectors. She and the ART FOR CHANGE team carefully select each artist and artwork, pairing them with a relevant non-profit initiative to benefit and support.

Jeanne’s involvement in the arts is extensive. She sits on the advisory board of the Brooklyn Museum, the Leadership Council of Independent Curators International, and The Whitney’s Director’s Council. In addition to having worked in fine art galleries and auction houses, Jeanne holds a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art as well as a certificate in Fine Art Appraisal. Works from her personal collection are often loaned to museums around the world for major exhibitions including: The Brooklyn Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Timken Museum of Art, Moss Art Center and the Montpellier Contemporain in France.


Operations Coordinator
Kayla Seifert's career in art has always been fueled by an unwavering passion for creativity. Holding a BFA and MA in the arts, she began her career in the gallery space, specializing in American Art. Previously working for a contemporary art fair, Kayla was ready to begin her transition into Contemporary Art, seeking a meaningful avenue to both express her passion for art and give back to the community. As Operations Coordinator at ART FOR CHANGE, she is excited to bring her skills to drive impactful initiatives that support artists and harness the power of art for social change.


Communications Manager
Annie O'Donnell has always been drawn to art and finds great meaning in her work involving the arts. Annie graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in English and frequently volunteers with the American Red Cross. As Communications Manager at ART FOR CHANGE, she looks forward to encouraging people to learn about collecting art and is incredibly excited to expand recognition around ART FOR CHANGE's efforts in both philanthropy and investing in artists.