ART FOR CHANGE provides a range of art advisory services, curating collections with a socially conscious team and aligning ourselves with artists who share a similar mindset. We offer custom art advising for new and seasoned art collectors as well as art consulting services for hotels, restaurants, and corporations. Please reach out, we are here for you!


ART FOR CHANGE is proud to partner with a number of hospitality companies, featuring our prints on display in restaurants, hotels, corporate collections and more. Our works have been featured in a number of top publications including Vogue, Veranda, and ARTnews. With a leadership team whose background is fully immersed in the arts, from auction houses, galleries, and museum experience, you can be ensured that ART FOR CHANGE will connect you with the perfect pieces for your establishment.

Our collaboration with the Rockaway Hotel + Spa (pictured) has yielded multiple curated collections with works featured throughout the hotel and in guest suites. The collection of prints curated for the hotel showcases the great talent of living, contemporary artists that is critical to the mission of both the hotel and ART FOR CHANGE.


We have also curated a selection of prints for display at Gotham Restaurant (pictured), as well as worked with multiple corporate collections. A curated selection of works from ART FOR CHANGE will connect your business with the top emerging and established artists on the market today—not only encapsulating your business’s ethos and sensibility, but also providing a steadfast, lasting investment for your company.

Personal Advising

If you are starting out as a new collector or looking to enhance your existing, personal collection, ART FOR CHANGE is here to help guide you through the buying process, and demystify the process of art buying in today’s contemporary art market. Our longstanding relationships with in-demand artists and their galleries will ensure that you reach your collecting goals and set the foundation for an esteemed art collection. 


Since our founding in 2018, ART FOR CHANGE has placed multiple prints in prominent museum collections including The Brooklyn Museum. Offering premiere edition runs from a diverse set of emerging and established artists alike, ART FOR CHANGE editions make for timely and relevant acquisitions for any collectors looking to synthesize exceptional quality artwork with sensibilities and social concerns defining the current moment.