Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day from ART FOR CHANGE!
Explore a collection of prints celebrating Mother Nature 🌎

 Nature serves as both a healing mechanism as well as eternal inspiration for many. Whether it be mountains or valleys, beaches or deserts, the symbiosis of the outside world reminds us to pause, to breathe, and to connect. Join us in celebrating all that the Earth provides. Shop our collection of prints featuring flora and fauna from Enoc Perez, Natalie Wadlington, Cydne Coleby, Shaun Ellison, Emily Weiner, and more.

In honor of our ongoing support of Global Reforestation, ten trees will be planted for each print sold in this special collection, toward the ultimate goal of planting a native forest. Reforestation is critical to preserving and improving the health of both the physical planet and local communities. Whether providing shade on a blistering summer afternoon or breathing oxygen into the global ecosystem, planting trees helps to build a brighter future from the ground up. 


Enoc Perez
Dorado Beach Pool, 2024


Dorado Beach Pool stems from a recent body of work inspired by the paradisiacal settings of the Caribbeans—and, more specifically, the ways that they have been marketed through resort brochures and travel catalogs. Amassed over time, these promotional images become visual fodder for the artist, who mines the ways in which the locale has been sold as a fantasy to both foreigners and locals alike. Perez’s work centers on Dorado, a town in northern Puerto Rico populated by luxurious hotels and mansions. Detailed by shadowy lines that insinuate the soft movement caused by a tropical breeze, the image centers on a swimming pool surrounded by umbrellas that provide shade to a presumed, though unseen, elite. In this way, the image offers a critique on capitalist exploitations of the island territory, while simultaneously celebrating its beauty.



Natalie Wadlington
Swimming at Night, 2023


Created while living in Texas, Swimming at Night is inspired by the wildlife that the artist encountered during her daily walks. The animals recalled Wadlington’s childhood memories of swimming by moonlight in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, a pastime that had been associated with both fear and exhilaration. For this print series, the artist will hand embellish each work by adding metallic details to various details in the image, such as the moon, stars, swimsuit and water ripples. 



Cydne Jasmin Coleby
Remembering I, 2023


Comprising collaged elements that make up an image of two companions seated by the sea, Remembering I was created in response to the Bahamian government’s decision to restrict citizens’ access to the beach, during the height of the pandemic. Regardless of its well-meaning intentions, this policy deprived locals of access to a natural space where they could self-heal and gather in a socially distanced manner, leading many to question the distinction between ‘tough love’ and punitive action. This discourse prompted Coleby to reflect on simpler days, and to hold onto hope that they would greet her again in the future. Notably, the original iteration of Remembering I resides in the collection of Destinee Ross-Sutton, NY. For this edition, the artist will hand-embellish a portion of the prints by adding gold leafed, matte, gloss, and glitter finishes.



Joel Mesler
Let Live, 2020


Passionate about the environment, Joel Mesler notes, "Obviously we have all seen that without a healthy environment and earth very little else works. It is the source where everything grows. We need it and must love and respect it ... we should just get out of the way and let live!"

Danielle Orchard
An End in Sight, 2023


Depicting two primary characters enjoying an outdoor picnic on a grassy field situated in front of a beach, An End In Sight draws on Orchard’s memories from a summer spent in Bordeaux, which coincided with the large-scale wildfires that swept across France in 2022. In her painting, one figure pours into a cup surrounded by various food items strewn across a white blanket, while the other peers presumably towards a distant character walking across the sand as well as the sea that lies beyond. Orchard’s work is distinguished by a warm orange haze, which lends a surrealistic, otherworldly feeling to an otherwise ordinary summer scene. As the artist recalls, “To me, this painting exudes a sense of heat and stillness that I did not want to lose. In lieu of any dramatic changes to the image, I chose to incorporate small, subtle still life elements, like additional cone flowers or spilled Solo cups of wine. My aim was to explore potential new narratives and spatial arrangements, with as few tweaks as possible.”


Emily Weiner
Confluence, 2024


In Confluence, a pair of symmetrical curtain panels frame a gradient sky distinguished by a celestial body that resides singularly at the center of the composition. Typically interpreted as a moon, this circular motif recurs throughout most of Weiner’s paintings, intended as a reference to the notion of eternal return. Meanwhile, the curtains harken back to the theater stages that inspire the artist, while signifying the unveiling of common perception. For this limited edition series, the artist has hand-embellished each print by adding a gouache vermillion moon and a constellation of stars—the latter of which is varied in placement and color temperature.


Katia Lifshin
Impetus, 2023


Impetus is a new edition from Katia Lifshin in her signature spacebending, surrealist, green and blue style. Her recurring protagonist steps into the seemingly endless checkered path, swirling through the hills toward a light in the distance. Concerned with identity, femininity and self-conception, Lifshin’s character floats through the neon haze space with a conviction that opposes the foreboding journey down the psychedelic trail. The artist has hand-embellished the edition with additional details on the clothes and in sky and added snails and mushrooms throughout the environment with colored pencil and acrylic paint, making each print a unique work.


Becky Kolsrud
Dryad (Cypress), 2022



From the artist’s Elegies series, Dryad (Cypress) is inspired by classical antiquity, exploring grief and solitude through the myth of Cyparissus and Apollo. A spread of clouds emerging from pale pink light, and the cypress tree with two human legs connoting Cyparissus’ fate as a tree to mourn the death of his prized stag. With soft contours and inventive coloring Kolsrud’s quiet composition calls attention to the collective grief and solitude many have experienced in isolation during the pandemic.




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