Katia Lifshin

Katia Lifshin (b.1993) is a Ukraine-born Israeli artist. Using mainly a blue and green color palette she creates a dream-like world in which there is room for surreal elements. In her paintings the main characters are often young girls and women, and the focus and attention is on their identity, self-image, feelings. Katia relocated to the U.S in 2012, studied painting and sculpting at Pima College, Tucson, Arizona. She returned to Israel in 2018, and is currently living and working in Tel-Aviv. Upcoming and recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Moosey Gallery (London), solo exhibition at Nassima Landau (Tel Aviv, Israel); “Blurry line of my feelings” a two person show at Garten gallery (Como, Italy); “Breaking news” at Another gallery (Paris), CAN art fair 2022 (with Moosey Gallery). Katia’s work has been featured in art publications including Artmaze magazine, The Jerusalem post, Booooooom and more.