Ali Forney Center

In honor of Pride Month, ART FOR CHANGE is pleased to partner with artists Caleb Hahne Quintana, Jon Key, Jeanine Brito, and Brian Calvin to create new limited editions in support of the Ali Forney Center, a New York City-based community center that provides housing and support to LGBTQ+ youth. The Ali Forney Center was founded in 2002 in memory of Ali Forney, a homeless gender-nonconforming youth who was forced to live on the streets, where they were tragically murdered. The organization’s mission is to protect LGBTQ+ young people from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently. 

ART FOR CHANGE is thrilled to celebrate love, life, and equality each week this month in support of an organization that continually works to ensure all are celebrated for the full breadth of their true colors. ART FOR CHANGE will donate a portion of proceeds from each print sold to the Ali Forney Center in support of the organization’s mission to protect and empower LGBTQ+ youth. As in all series, the artists will receive 50% of the net proceeds of print sales.