Preview March Releases for International Women's Day

Preview March Releases for International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are excited to announce our curated selection of hand-embellished, limited edition prints from artists Hyegyeong Choi and Amy Bessone, as well as four new works on paper from artist Tessa Perutz. Women’s History Month presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made in gender equality and look toward the future to how women’s unique perspectives can help to guide us toward more equitable futures.

Each of these women’s works engages with the tension between the restrictions of expectation and the ambiguity of freedom, through a diversity of perspectives. Whether hand-embellished prints or original works on paper, each of these upcoming releases present an unrivaled opportunity to access these artists’ work and support Ukraine through the International Rescue Committee.

First, on March 8th, Hyegyeong Choi’s hand-embellished limited edition print engages a classic literary character and iconic composition from a more contemporary and melancholic perspective. Hyegyeong Choi’s winding painting practice engages social expectations, body image, identity and tension. Her figures wax and wane between desire and disgust. The artist’s vibrant visual world compounds feelings of perversion and consumption through thickened impasto figures and a variety of textures and techniques.

On March 15th we will release a series of limited run prints from Amy Bessone, the prolific, LA-based multidisciplinary artist who challenges cultural representation of the female form through her reinterpretations of classical forms and varied pastiche of art historical references.  This new work will examine the body through loose narrative shape and panes of perspective, hand-embellished with unique figures and sketches in the bottom right panel, making each edition a unique work.




On March 29th, look out for four new works on paper from artist Tessa Perutz, inspired by her travel along the coast of France. Perutz’s paintings commence en plein air. With a keen eye for color and place, she transcribes nature and humans within nature, through sensitive motifs captured across an ever-expanding selection of mediums.  Exploring mortality, regeneration, spirituality, death and rebirth, Perutz translates the cycles of human experience and our inter-connectivity through hypnotic simplicity and control.


We look forward to celebrating Women’s History Month with you all here at ART FOR CHANGE. Our selection  is a celebration of painting and the diversity of perspectives and new modes of thinking women have introduced into visual culture. Each of these women’s work conjures a distinct sensitivity toward both their environment and how one can move through them. Such a sensibility is inextricably linked to the cycle of history and progress, and it is a privilege to present these works and share more about these artists as the month goes on.


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