Park of Dreams: On Bianca Nemelc

Park of Dreams: On Bianca Nemelc

ART FOR CHANGE and Prospect Park Alliance present Park of Dreams, a public art exhibition featuring larger-than-life work by leading New York-based contemporary artists, on view now through Spring 2024. Included in this exhibition is Brooklyn-based artist Bianca Nemelc

Bianca Nemelc is a figurative painter whose work explores the connection between the female form and the natural world. Born and raised in New York City, Bianca’s work is inspired by her own investigative journey into her identity, paying homage to her heritage through the use of many hues of brown that make up the figures in her work. The world within her paintings is loosely inspired by the tropical and Caribbean landscapes where her families are originally from and her roots can be traced back to. Through her work, Bianca aims to highlight the beautiful and symbiotic relationship between nature and the female body.

Bianca Nemelc’s In Between is available for purchase at, with 5% of the purchase price, up to $15,000, of each limited edition print sold being donated to the Prospect Park Alliance. In keeping with all ART FOR CHANGE releases, artists will receive 50% of the net proceeds from each print sale.


In Between is part of a new series that casts the flower as a home for growth and nourishment for the Brown figure. Deemed “flower bodies” by the artist, abstract figures—delineated by umber, curved forms—become landscapes nestled between petals and leaves. This particular work crops in on a singular, rust-shaded bloom from which a single bead of water drips onto a leaf below. The gradient background transitions from yellow to a muted shade of blue, evoking a transitory time such as dawn or dusk. Charged with mystery and sensuality, the flower becomes an anthropomorphic symbol that is open for bountiful interpretation. For this edition, Nemelc will additionally hand-embellish each print by painting new dew drops.

On her participation in the exhibition, Nemelc notes: “Paying homage to the land is an important part of my practice. My artwork is rooted in a desire to create spaces for joy and rest within the natural world. As a New Yorker, being a steward to the land through my artwork is an impactful way to engage and to help foster these protected, ecological spaces within my city.”

Recently, The National Gallery of Art invited Jasmin Hernandez, founder and editor in chief of Gallery Gurls, to spotlight a living artist who takes inspiration from their collection. Hernandez chose to highlight Bianca Nemelc and her depictions of the spiritual bonds between womanhood and nature. 

The artist’s work Tender Swim (2022) juxtaposed with Lola Alvarez Bravo’s El Ensueño (Isabel Villaseńor), Tencatita, Jalisco (1941) emphasizes Nemelc’s choice to follow the tradition of Latin American artists whose powerful works depicted women in surrealist nature settings. On highlighting ecstatic rest, the artist notes that she “loves the idea of rest as an active, intentional state of being for the figures in [her] work.” According to Nemelc, “Rest can be something extremely sacred and powerful.”

Lola Alvarez Bravo, El Ensueño (Isabel Villaseñor), Tencatita, Jalisco, 1941. (Left) Image courtesy of the National Gallery of Art. Bianca Nemelc, Tender Swim, 2022. (Right) Image courtesy of the artist.