On Jamea Richmond-Edwards

On Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Jamea Richmond-Edwards (b. 1982, Detroit, MI) is a multimedia artist whose vibrant collages examine Black womanhood, desire, legacy and self esteem through familial histories. Her compositions ebb and flow between the material and spiritual planes with portraits and figurative groupings silhouetted with multimedia auras. The artist’s work has been featured in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Cut, Hyperallergic, and L’Officiel.


A mantra, a compliment, an affirmation—what makes a girl fly? Can it be defined? From the artist’s Seven Mile Girl series, Fly Girl with Four Orbs is an exploration into the unifying desire for luxury, expression, design and vibrancy—a celebration of the senses and aspirational individuality for people of all walks of life. Each orb is patterned with collages of stripes, fabrics, lines and washes in an energetic watercolor melange silhouetting the portrait. Representing one of each of her four sisters, the orbs shroud the black and white subject with color—a mystifying source of light and guidance.



Richmond-Edwards' work is currently featured in an exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum. Titled A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration, the exhibition features contemporary responses to Jacob Lawrence’s infamous series of narrative paintings. Richmond-Edwards’ work This Water Runs Deep details the artist’s family’s dislocation following the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927. They would travel up the Southeast and through to the Midwest where the Detroit-born artist’s family would eventually settle. The vibrant figurative group sails across turbulent waters in a golden boat with the Eye of Horus sketched above them—ancestral diasporic narratives playing out in the surreal hysterics of the technicolor waterway.

This Water Runs Deep, 2022, Mixed media and collage on canvas with sound


Richmond-Edwards’ work refashions family into extravagant, haunting epics that testify to the miracles of persistence and perseverance from generation to generation. Fly Girl with Four Orbs is currently on view at Kravets Wehby Gallery through March 25, 2023 as part of 5 Years: an ART FOR CHANGE Survey and is available for purchase exclusively on artforchange.com.