Justin Liam O'Brien Featured in Juxtapoz

Justin Liam O'Brien Featured in Juxtapoz

Justin Liam O'Brien Featured in Juxtapoz
Highlighting the fast-rising ART FOR CHANGE artist's recent exhibition

Exhibition view of Justin Liam O'Brien's "All Sunsets Risen," Semiose, Paris, 2024. Image courtesy of Semiose and the artist. 

Through his autobiographical explorations of solitude, intimacy, and anxiety, Justin Liam O’Brien’s oeuvre examines queerness and belonging with a strong sense of place. Open through June 15th 2024, O’Brien’s solo exhibition, "All Sunsets Risen" explores dual movement: when contradictory forces meet at Semoise, Paris. 

A trip to the Louvre in 2019 “literally changed my life and certainly my way of painting,” says O’Brien. His solo exhibition showcases the state of grace in this dual moment of liberation: freeing himself of confines while integrating queer culture into canvases that speak of masculine tastes, depicted in classical tradition. In the series of paintings, there are no women and the generally male figures are treated with an avowed mannerist femininity. O’Brian elaborates: “Men are my subject, without thinking in terms of gender, but rather in terms of this belief: every painting is a self-portrait.”

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Each Man Kills The Things He Loves, 2022
21 x 21 inches
Archival pigment print

Limited edition of 20 with 5AP
Hand-embellished, signed and numbered by the artist
*Only APs available*

Limited edition of 50 with 1PP
Signed and numbered by the artist


Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves reimagines a scene from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1982 film Querelle, wherein two brothers engage in a violent yet intricately choreographed knife fight. Referencing Oscar Wilde’s poem, “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” Queerelle encapsulates O’Brien’s interest in the notion that love can be as beautiful as it is extreme, painful, even deadly. The artist has hand embellished ten works within the editions with acrylic details further engaging with Wilde’s text, making each of those prints unique works.


Justin Liam O’Brien pictured with his print, Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves.


Justin Liam O’Brien (b. 1991, Flushing, NY) received a BFA from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY and an AS in Visual Arts from SUNY Suffolk, Selden, NY. Recent exhibitions include Grimm, Amsterdam; Richard Heller Gallery, LA; Galerie LJ, Paris, and Monya Rowe Gallery, NY. O’Brien's work has been reviewed in Juxtapoz, Artforum, and Gayletter, among others.

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