Alannah Farrell, Omari (FiDi), 2024; Limited Edition Print

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Alannah Farrell is a gender-non-conforming artist whose paintings document their friends, lovers, and community. Informed by their coming-of-age within New York City’s queer nightlife during the 2000s, these works tenderly embrace the imperfections and singularities that define those portrayed. In the artist’s own words, “My paintings are a journey through time and emotion. Inviting sitters into the studio offers an adrenaline rush; the simple act of two people sitting in a space over time can create magic, growth, discovery, and many unforeseen opportunities for creation." Based in New York City, Farrell has exhibited their work in solo and group exhibitions at venues that include Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA; Green Family Art Foundation, Dallas, TX; Alexander Gray Associates, Germantown, NY; Harper’s, New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA; Lyles & King, New York, NY; Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; and UTA Artist Space, Los Angeles.

Depicting a tattooed figure gazing downwards before a tall mirror, Omari (FiDi) captures an intimate moment of quiet introspection. As characteristic of Farrell's practice, the image—intended to be a testament to the devotion and emotion invested in the process of becoming acquainted with another person, as well as a painting—originates from a real exchange shared between the subject and the artist. Luminosity defines the work, rendered through numerous, transparent layers glazed onto a classical grisaille underpainting. For this limited edition series, the artist will hand-embellish five prints with newly painted elements.  

Alannah Farrell
Omari (FiDi), 2024
Archival pigment print
21 x 16 inches

Limited edition of 5 
Hand-embellished, signed and numbered by the artist

Limited edition of 20 with 5 AP + 1 PP
Signed and numbered by the artist

Of ART FOR CHANGE's initiative of supporting the Ali Forney Center, the artist notes, “The Ali Forney Center’s mission hits close to my heart. I’ve lost housing due to transitioning. When this happened, I was an adult. I had work; I had a small savings; I lived in a city where I lived my entire adulthood and knew many people. Now imagine being a kid—how traumatic, dangerous, very realistically, possibly deadly it would be to experience the shattering loss of your home, and the ongoing trauma of homelessness. Kindness from queer friends saved my life numerous times. Safety, housing, and basic needs met without worry is something every single kid, young person, and human deserves.”

ART FOR CHANGE will donate a portion of proceeds from each print sold to the Ali Forney Center in support of the organization’s programs that save the lives of LGBTQ+ young people, protecting them from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently. As in all series, artists will receive 50% of the net proceeds of print sales.

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