Olivier Souffrant, Reclining Nude, 2023; Hand-Embellished, Signed, and Numbered Limited Edition Print

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Olivier Souffrant (b.1994,  Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist whose painting practice presents an amalgamation of styles and stories conveyed in an ecstatic melange of earthen textures and cultural materials. The artist attended the University of Illinois and his work has been featured in a number of publications including Artnet, Artsy, Oxford American, and 360 Magazine. 

Reclining Nude is a new hand-embellished limited edition print on poplin inspired by digital media and cultural ephemera in the artist’s signature style. The artist blends recurring art historical motifs and explores the depth of historical styles toward redolent and incisively fresh ends. Looking to Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres’ Odalisque with Slave, Souffrant’s odalisque is silhouetted with a vibrant urban landscape with activity beaming from the windows against the starry night. Signature motifs like tropical leaves, sketchy strokes and scribbles and blocks of flat washes scatter the rhythmic composition—coming together in a cohesive visual narrative. The artist has hand-embellished each print in the edition with different colorways of vases and new details in the windows, making each print a unique work.

Olivier Souffrant
Reclining Nude, 2023
30 x 30 inches
Archival UV curable ink on stretched poplin

Limited Edition of 10 with 4AP
Hand-embellished with acrylic paint
Each piece is unique and will appear different than shown
Signed and numbered by the artist on verso

“Having lived through the earthquakes in Haiti I am glad to be working with ART FOR CHANGE in supporting the International Rescue Committee's efforts in Syria and Turkey.” shared Souffrant on the collaboration. “It is part of my character to volunteer my time and resources when I can and I’m proud to know that my work can impact such critical efforts.”

ART FOR CHANGE will donate a portion of proceeds to the International Rescue Committee in support of humanitarian aid in the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. As in all series, the artist will receive 50% of the net proceeds of print sales. 

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