Richard Tinkler, Print of Painting Number Twenty Three, 2021; Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print

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Richard Tinkler’s intricate paintings and drawings reflect an approach that is instinctual and labor-intensive. His practice is rooted in the foundational imagery of geometric grids, with each work building on the language of the preceding one and subsequently informing the next. By adding chaotic, still-wet layers atop one another, a woven structure appears in which various shapes appear to float, drift, and melt away. These patterned visions resemble psychedelic tapestries or mystical environments, where paint serves as both a physical and a metaphysical substance. Based in New York, Tinkler has exhibited work at 56 Henry, New York; Team Gallery, New York; Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles; Cheim & Read, New York; Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Salzburg; and Anton Kern Gallery, New York; among others.

Print of Painting Number Twenty Three features numerous triangles radiating from the center to create a kaleidoscopic configuration that fills the entirety of the image surface. Originally rendered with many different colors, the final image took on a deep, crimson hue after the artist applied a thin layer of transparent red paint over the canvas.  

“I think it’s great that, as an artist, you can use your work to help support charitable causes, and I’m always happy to do it,” the artist says of this print edition for ART FOR CHANGE. 

Richard Tinkler
Print of Painting Number Twenty Three, 2021
24" x 18"
Archival pigment print
Limited Edition of 30 with 4 AP 

This limited edition is part of ART FOR CHANGE’s Spring 2021 virtual benefit exhibition, Love to New York City, which supports artists and five New York City arts organizations––The Kitchen, Performance Space, Printed Matter, Abrons Art Center, and NADA’s new nonprofit. Of the total net proceeds of prints sold from this series, 50% will directly benefit the participating artists, and 20% will benefit the organizations.