Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

ART FOR CHANGE is pleased to announce three upcoming releases starting Monday, August 15th, benefiting Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. The contentious, landmark decision on June 24, 2022 shook the nation, as protests erupted across major cities. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has unequivocally imperiled the safety of people with the capacity for pregnancy across the country, representing a major downfall in the fight for gender equality. As the consequences of this decision continue to unfold, we stand with those who advocate, provide resources, and support all affected. We are pleased to support Planned Parenthood of Greater New York in their efforts through this collaboration.

Maggie Ellis, Hein Koh, and Arghavan Khosravi are three contemporary artists each at distinct points in their career, and unified by a palpable concern for the uneasiness of real life. Each of the works in this collection explore how deep anxieties may manifest around us. Whether through the grip of an awkward hug or the real weight of physical and psychological binds, the compositions are animated by a tension that begs to be asked, what happened next?

ART FOR CHANGE will donate a portion of proceeds to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York in support of the fight for reproductive justice. As in all series, artists will receive 50% of net proceeds from print sales.