Na'ye Perez

Consume me in the echoes of the rhythms
Where the pink flower storms gather
Between the aisles of the projects’ buildings
The high grass never manicured
Swaying in the wind
Rolling as if they were the ocean waves
Crashing down on the side walk
-excerpt from Na’ye Perez’s Hood Flowers Among Ocean Fields

Na'ye Perez is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist from Columbus, OH. By navigating through personal experience and memory, the importance of intimacy within Perez’s community and self establishes his narrative modes of accessibility. The artist uses found objects, such as playing cards, cigarette packages, and other cultural ephemera collaged with environmental materials such as sand from local beaches and other personal locations. The artist received his MFA from the Pratt Institute. Recent exhibitions include What You Know Bout Love… at BRIC House Hallway (Brooklyn, NY); Migrating Sun Part 1 at Welancora (Brooklyn, NY); and Outside at RegularNormal (New York, NY) among others. The artist’s work has been featured in a number of publications including Cultured Magazine, Time Out, and Town & Country.