Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on Sunday, May 14, it’s the perfect time to surprise the loving women in your life with fresh, forever blooms that require a little less upkeep than the traditional bouquet. Enhance her collection with one of four electrifying compositions, Flowers on Plaid v. 1-4, from Caroline Larsen, whose rainbow tartan, hand-embellished edition is inspired by Delft ceramics, chinoiserie and reimagined Dutch still lifes, or Alec Egan whose wildflowers multiply across the page in Flowers on Flowers. Peeping buds swirl around pastel gradients in the last remaining editions of Molly Greene’s Insinuator, and a story unfolds in the details of Kate Pincus-Whitney’s Hecate and the Muses. For the advocate, unafraid to teach life’s hard lessons, collect José Lerma’s acerbic Rosas Grises (Pink), or reflect on memories and what’s to come with Xiao Wang’s quiet Ghost/Fire.