Marcus Leslie Singleton

Marcus Leslie Singleton (b. 1990) is a Seattle born self-taught artist best known for his distinct figurative paintings that cite pointed yet subtle observations. Singleton’s practice offers implicit critiques of contemporary social and political issues while simultaneously inviting viewers to engage in a visceral discourse examining the dialogue around spirituality and social constructs. Through natural, carefree, and playful strokes, his work depicts narrative scenes highlighting the trials of reality and it's nonphysical components; "I'm interested in creating new paths that aim to contextualize aesthetic beliefs and inspire people to unlearn and humanize us presently and in the future," Singleton explains. His presentation of these timelines both highlight and celebrate the multiplicity in society detailing the parallel realities of joy and hardship in a figurative language. Using spontaneity, scale, and expressive placement of color Singletons paintings offer a jovial perspective that is both poignant and bold.