Madeleine Bialke

Madeleine Bialke (b. 1991 in New York) received her BFA in Studio Art from the Plattsburgh State University of New York and earned an MFA in Painting at Boston University, Massachusetts. Recent exhibitions include Untitled Art Fair, Huxley-Parlour Gallery, Miami (2023); High Voltage 4, Nassima Landau, Tel Aviv (2023); Leaves of Grass, Kiaf with Newchild, Seoul (2023, solo); Giants in the Dusk, Huxley-Parlour, London (2023, solo); Art Brussels, Newchild, Brussels; Two Years and Change, OLYMPIA, New York (2023); IMMERSED, Jack Siebert Projects, Los Angeles (2023); Death Motel, Newchild, Antwerp (2022, solo); Art Antwerp, Newchild, Antwerp (2022); Bodyland, Max Hetzler, Berlin (2022); Shivering Trees, Curling Flames, Newchild, Antwerp (2022); Nine Lives, Steve Turner, Los Angeles (2022, solo); Fertile Plains, Dinner Gallery, New York (2022); Madeleine Bialke, M. Florine Démosthène, Sahara Longe, Nadia Waheed, Alexander Berggruen, New York (2022); Playground of Geometry, CICA Vancouver, Vancouver (2022); Symbiosis, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, Berkshire Botanic Gardens, Stockbridge (2022); Roots, Sof:Art Foundation, Bologna (2022); and Long Summer, Huxley-Parlour, London (2021, solo). Madeleine Bialke was the Artist-in-Residence at North Western Oklahoma State University in 2018 and was awarded the John Walker MFA Painting and Sculpture Award in 2016. Her work is included in the collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody, Fundacion Medianoche0 and Nassima Landau Foundation. She lives and works in London.