Kour Pour - Coy Tiger

In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, Coy Tiger series is the newest, delightful set of hand-embellished block prints from Kour Pour. In the vein of the Bauhaus School and early European Modernists, Pour shows off his keen sense of color and space in a set of compelling combinations in vibrant hues that toy with the edge of nature and artifice. Pour’s tiger comes alive with swirls of stripes, piercing eyes and a full, whimsical smirk as if in the middle of a laugh. Symbolizing strength, bravery and fierce independence in the Chinese Zodiac, while the tiger may have placed third in the mythical, celestial race, it is at the top of our hearts in Pour’s playful rendition of this powerful feline. The artist has printed and embellished these works by hand, making each piece unique.