COPI (Corporación Piñones se Integra) is a community-based non-profit organization in Puerto Rico that works to “transform the community into a space of greater cooperation, justice, and solidarity.

Founded in 1999 by Social Worker and Sociologist Maricruz Rivera Clemente with the awareness that existing social problems deteriorate communities, COPI is committed to resolving conflict, achieving a better coexistence, and improving the quality of life of residents, families, and visitors by providing and developing alternative services through education, community economic development, culture, music and natural resources.

COPI aims to transform marginalized communities into thriving culturally, economically, and socially developed communities by creating strategies to combat social issues working against their development and well-being. COPI's Piñones Cultural and Ecotourism Center offers various cultural and ecotourism services, such as: Puerto Rican Bomba workshops and classes, Toques de Bomba and Plena every second and last Friday of the month, Majestad Negra Folkloric Ballet, CicloNatura de bicycle rental and AcuaNatura kayak rental, among others.