Alec Egan

Alec Egan (b. 1984, Los Angeles; works in Los Angeles. MFA Otis College 2013, BA Kenyon College 2007.) Egan’s bodies of work include thickly impastoed figurative landscapes, and, separately, intricate, vibrantly rendered interior scenes that use object motifs, tropes of nostalgia, and the absence of humans to imbue the depicted objects (like socks on a windowsill) with something melancholic and profound. A thread of cohesion between paintings begins to emerge as the viewer realizes that each painting within a grouping of works represents a different view ofthe same theoretical house, conjuring hypothetical narratives around the ‘absent homeowner’ behind the constructed environment. Since 2017, the artist has presented a sequence of exhibitions that each deal with a new portion of a singular imagined home. Egan is represented in New York by Charles Moffett and in Los Angeles by Anat Ebgi. Photo Credit: Ye Rin Mok.