Cassi Namoda

Nude Maria Combing Her Hair, 2021, Hand Embellished, Signed, and Numbered Limited Edition Print

Nude Maria Combing Her Hair, 2021, Hand Embellished, Signed, and Numbered Limited Edition Print

Cassi Namoda’s expressive portrayals pay homage to her cosmopolitan roots as the daughter of a Mozambican mother and an American father, who spent most of her childhood traveling around the world. Now based in Los Angeles and New York, she infuses her paintings with dream-like elements and folkloric references that, taken together, lend a distinct, cinematic feel to imagined moments largely set in post-colonial Mozambique. Her work has been featured on the front cover of Vogue Italia (January 2020), and is held in the collections of the Pérez Art Museum, Miami; Studio Museum, Harlem; and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Nude Maria Combing Her Hair depicts a woman seated before a vanity table. Although her face is obscured by her posture away from the viewer’s vantage point, the main character—skillfully rendered with intimacy and care—commands attention from the center of the pictorial frame. Facing a male suitor bearing a bouquet of red flowers, Namoda’s subject, surrounded by objects such as an open lipstick tube and strewn undergarments, projects an air of confidence that proclaims power in femininity. 

Cassi Namoda 
Nude Maria Combing Her Hair, 2021
24" x 16.75"
Hand-embellished archival pigment print
Hand-embellished, signed, and numbered by Cassi Namoda
*Each print is unique and will appear different than shown. Namoda has hand-embellished each print making each piece a unique work of art.
Limited Edition of 10

This limited edition is part of ART FOR CHANGE’s Spring 2021 virtual benefit exhibition, Love to New York City, which supports artists and five New York City arts organizations––The Kitchen, Performance Space, Printed Matter, Abrons Art Center, and NADA’s new nonprofit. Of the total net proceeds of prints sold from this series, 50% will directly benefit the participating artists, and 20% will benefit the organizations.

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